The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Sermon Selections

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Again and Again Dawn Hoffman
The Measure of Greatness Rev. Anna Jackson
Finding a Way Forward Rev. Anna Jackson
The Table is Set  Revs Dwayne & Anna Jackson
Our Help, Our Hope, Our God Rev. Anna Jackson
Your Most Powerful Muscle Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Do Unto Others… Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Call to Love Rev. Anna Jackson
To Whom Would We Go? Rev. Anna Jackson
What Would You Ask For? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Held To A Higher Standard Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Spiritual Reset Rev. Anna Jackson 
Our Prayer Elder Dawn Hoffman 
Bearing a Grudge Rev. Jodie Wu 
Who Will You Choose? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Touch of Wholeness Rev. Anna Jackson 
Following Faithful Fathers Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
We Still Need God! Rev. Dwayne Jackson
God Revealed Rev. Anna Jackson
It’s Only Just Begun Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Because She First Loved Me Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Cultivating Love Rev. Anna Jackson
Our Constant Companion Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Resurrection Witnesses Rev. Anna Jackson 
Peace Be With You! Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Just When You Think It's Over Rev. Anna Jackson (Easter Sunday)
What Were They Expecting? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
True Expressions of Love Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Making Room for the Main Thing Rev. Anna Jackson 
Chosen to Be Changed Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Seeing Is Transforming Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Hope at the Heart of It All Rev. Anna Jackson
When the Call Comes Rev. Anna Jackson
When Silence Isn’t Golden Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Listen for the Voice of God Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
The Light That Draws Us Near Rev. Anna Jackson 
Jesus, Light My Way Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Just Joy Rev. Anna Jackson
Are You Wasting Time? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Waiting for Jesus Rev. Anna Jackson 
You Are Not Alone Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
How Will You Serve the Lord? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
It's a Question of Belonging Rev. Anna Jackson 
What Side Are You On? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Come, Eat and Remember Rev. Anna Jackson
What Do Your Actions Say? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Grace and Mercy Rev. Anna Jackson
We're Still Together Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Don’t Just Walk Away Rev. Anna Jackson 
Love in Action Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Where Are You, God? Rev. Anna Jackson
Stubborn Faith Rev. James Brumm 
Belief in the Storm Rev. Dr. Cynthia Holderā€Rich
What's On the Menu? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Gathered in the Arms of Jesus Rev. Anna Jackson 
When All Else Fails, Pray! Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Do You Hear the Knocking? Rev. Dwayne Jackson  
Living for Grace's Sake Rev. Anna Jackson
Fathers, Trust in God Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Inspired to Follow Jesus Rev. Anna Jackson
Is it Time Yet? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Legacy of Love Rev. Dwayne Jackson
We Had Hoped Rev. Dwayne Jackson
He Who Stands Among Us Rev. Anna Jackson 
It's Still Easter Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Jesus Our Help and Our Hope Rev. Anna Jackson on Palm Sunday
Hope in the Wilderness Rev. Anna Jackson
Live Stream Rev. Phyllis Palsma 
It All Began With a Promise Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Thank God for Grace Rev. Anna Jackson
Choose Life Rev. Anna Jackson 
It's Time to Make Things Right Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
The Call of a Lifetime Rev. Anna Jackson
Made for a Purpose Rev. Dwayne Jackson
2020 Vision Rev. Soo Kim
Come, See and Worship Rev. Anna Jackson
The Light that Gives Us Hope Pastor Anna Jackson (Christmas Eve)
Lord Come Save Us .... Again Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Are We Cutting It Too Close? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Who Are We in Christ? Rev. Anna Jackson
Would You Accept a Dare to Tithe? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Remember Me in Your Prayers Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Revival in the Graveyard Rev. Mark Vellinga
You're Home, Not in Rome Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Fresh Start at Unity Rev. Anna Jackson
Lord's Prayer Skit/To Whom Are We Praying? Rev. Anna Jackson, Rev. Dwayne Jackson and the Voice of God
Why Do Christians Need to Pray? Rev. Dwayne L. Jackson
True Prayer Rev. Soo Kim
Living for More Than Today Rev. Anna Jackson
Will It Be Me? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
NO Vacations for Christians! Rev. Ken Vander Wall
Answers in the Question Rev. Phyllis Palsma
Choosing to Live By the Spirit Revs. Dwayne and Anna Jackson
So Much to Say, So Little Time Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Cover 2 Cover The Children of the Second Reformed Sunday School
Remembering Who We Are Rev. Anna Jackson 
What Does Love Look Like? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Is Thank You Really Enough? Rev. Dwayne Jackson (Mother's Day)
Lighting a New Path Forward Rev. Anna Jackson
Good Friday 
Meditation on the First Word "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" Rev. Dwayne Jackson - Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Meditation on the Second Word "Today you will be with me in paradise" Rev. Steven McClelland - First Presbyterian Church of Hackensack
Meditation on the Third Word "Woman, behold your Son, behold your mother!" Rev. Jennifer Bridges - New Hope Baptist Church of Hackensack
Meditation on the Fourth Word "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" Rev. Anna Jackson -Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Meditation on the Fifth Word "I thirst" Rev. Soo Kim - Bogart Memorial Reformed Church
Why We Can't Keep Silent Rev. Anna Jackson (Palm Sunday)
Keep on Pressing On! Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Where Do We Go From Here? Rev. Anna M. Jackson
Teach Us How to Live with Love Rev. Anna M. Jackson
The Call on Our Lives Rev. Anna Jackson
Are Your Body Parts Misbehaving? Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
Glory We Don't Always See Rev. Anna Jackson
Temporary Joy Rev. Soo Kim
Gifts Fit For a King Rev. Anna Jackson
So Much to be Thankful For Rev. Anna and Rev. Dwayne Jackson
What Makes You So Special? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Hope That Leads to Joy Rev. Anna Jackson
Daring to Stand in Hope Rev. Anna Jackson
Who is Really in Control? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
What Are You Striving For? Revs. Anna and Dwayne Jackson
Tips for the Lord Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Revival in the Graveyard Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Lord, Am I Also Included? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Focused on God Rev. Anna Jackson
What Does Your Heart Desire? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Do You Mean What You Say? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Home Rev. Anna Jackson
In the Eyes of God Revs. Anna and Dwayne Jackson
Focus on Eternal Blessings Rev. Frank Ackerman
Don't Waste Another Day!  Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Pursuit of Wisdom Rev. Soo Kim
Live in Hope Rev. Jon Norton
Seeing the Bigger Picture Rev. Anna Jackson
How Do You Make a Father? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Faith Like a Child Children's Day Skit
The Beauty of Clay Jars Rev. Anna Jackson
Why Me Lord? Rev. Dwayne L. Jackson
A Mother's Love Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
A Command to Live By Rev. Anna Jackson
Is Seeing Truly Believing? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Easter Sunday
It's Easter! What Do We Do Now? Rev. Dwayne Jackson, Rev. Anna Jackson
Good Friday
Meditation on the First Word - Rev. Anna Jackson "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do"
Meditation on the Second Word - Rev. Carl Phipps "Today you will be with me in paradise"
Meditation on the Third Word - Rev. Samuel Weddington "Woman, behold your Son, Behold your mother"
Meditation on the Fourth Word - Rev.Joanne Van Sant - "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
Meditation on the Fifth Word - Father Brian Laffler - "I thirst"
Meditation on the Sixth Word - Rev. Steven McClelland - "It is finished"
Meditation on the Seventh Word - Rev. Dwayne Jackson - "Father, into your hands I commend my spirit"
Palm Sunday
Living With a New Purpose Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Look Up and Live Rev. Anna Jackson
What Does God Expect? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Are You Hoping Against Hope? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
A Surrendering Life Rev. Anna Jackson
Am I Living in Denial? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
The Ability to Hold On Rev. Anna Jackson
Are You Puffed Up or Built Up? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
What Did You Hear? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Speak, Lord Rev. Jodie Wu
The Call to Lead Rev. Anna Jackson
You Can Take it With You, but Why? Reverends Anna and Dwayne Jackson
Our Light of Hope Rev. Anna Jackson (Christmas Meditation)
A Christmas Prayer Rev. Dwayne Jackson
2017 Christmas Pageant Children of the Second Reformed Sunday School
Time to Get Yourself Ready Rev. Dwayne Jackson
God, What Do You Expect? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Did You Make the Right Choice? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
What Does it Really Mean? Reverends Anna and Dwayne Jackson
Awakened to God's Presence Rev. Anna Jackson
You Were Made for This Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Come, Share the Lord Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Doing a New Thing! Rev. Dr. Gregg Alan Mast (Installation Service)
Blessed Beyond Belief Rev. Dwayne Jackson
There is Work to Do Rev. Anna Jackson
Where Was God? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Dreams Are For Christians Rev. Anna Jackson
What If You Knew? Rev. Dwayne Jackson
Why We Do The Things That We Do Rev. Dwayne Jackson 
In Christ We Live in Hope Rev. Frank Ackerman
Heavenly Express Sunday School
Risen for a Reason - Rev. Anna and Dwayne Jackson
Earth Shaking News (Easter Sunday)
Thanks Giving (Stewardship Sunday)
Happy Birthday Church! (Pentecost Sunday with readings of the gospel in multiple languages) 
Praying With Your Hands Children's Sermon with Michelle Hickey
Amazing (Easter Sunday)
Get Up, He's Calling You Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
The Power of God is Present to Heal Rev. Jhonny Alicea-Baez
Why Do We Believe? Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
You Have a Choice to Make - Elder Cheryl Daniel
A Taste of Freedom Rev. Leah Dunlap-Ennis
Born From Above Rev Jon Norton
Oh How Great is Our Debt! Rev. Frank Ackerman/ Ray Evangelista
Speak Up! You're Commissioned Rev. Kenneth Tenckinck
The Day of Trouble Rev. Ken Vander Wall
Humility and Awe Rev. Carol Mutch
Two Benefits of Christmas Christmas Eve Meditation
By Faith or By Sight Joanne Sidoti
A Welcoming Church 
Finding God in the Dark Pastor Carol Mutch
This is All You Need Rev. Pamela Pater-Ennis

A Promise with Proofs (Easter Sunday)
Anger and Relationships Rev. Dale Buettner
Salt and Light Rev. Dale Buettner
Making Light of Darkness Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
Why the World Needs Churches Rev. Dale M. Buettner
Every Day is All Saints Day - Elder Cheryl Daniel
Hospitality and Humility Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
The Righteous Shepherd Elder Cheryl Daniel, Guest Preacher
Roll Call of the Faithful Elder Cheryl Daniel, Guest Preacher
The Strength of God's People Elder Cheryl Daniel, Guest Preacher
Is My Forgiveness Real? Elder Cheryl Daniel, Guest Preacher
These Shoes Are Made for Walking Elder Cheryl Daniel, Guest Preacher
Conveying God's Transforming Grace Reverend Melchior Hattem, Guest Preacher
Why Jesus Had to Leave! Pamela Pater-Ennis
God's Visitation Palm Sunday
Why Worship? with Una Ratmeyer
Tow-Truck Theology Rev. James Knol
God is With Us! and A Christmas Prayer Christmas Eve 2012
Birth Pangs Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
Giving Our All Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
You're Saved, Now What? Raymond Evangelista
And Justice For All Rev. Robert Schut 
Who is the Greatest? Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
Remember the Future Dennis Wilcox's Final Sermon
Olympic Training Elder Cheryl Daniel
Written on the Heart Rev. Kenneth Tenckinck
All the Jesus You Get Rev. Peter Berry
Peace Be With You Special Guest Shirine Hickey
Sighs Too Deep for Words Special Guest Joanne Sidoti
Grace upon Grace Guest Joanne Sidoti
Rachel's Children Guest Joanne Sidoti
Back from Bethlehem (Christmas Eve Meditation)
The Three M's of Mission Guest Speaker Lisa Simcic
Search for God Special Guest speaker Ken Crusius
Running in the Wrong Direction Special Guest Joanne Sidoti
Because Christ is Risen 4/4/2010 (Easter)