The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Friday, October 22, 2021

Rose Window Restoration Progress

Details of the Stained Glass Window Restoration

 Restoration experts from J & R Lamb Studios in Wyckoff, NJ recently removed the aged putty and caulk that had been falling from the Rose window. After a careful cleaning, they reapplied fresh putty to properly seal the window and all of the panes. Luckily this was done before the last Nor' Easter came through. A new aluminum frame and protective covering have been measured for and are currently being fabricated. The final step will be to install this vented covering.

Click here to see the "before" pictures

All photos courtesy John Gottschall



A shot taken from the roof showing all of the curled putty removed and replaced.



This picture shows the center of the rose window after the glazing has been repaired.
Here you can see the outside of the cloister windows
In these details you can see the new venting on the protective coverings. This will protect the stained glass windows from the harsh temperature differences.
Here you can see the interiors of the windows
When the workers from Lamb Studios removed the protective outer covering from the ventilator panels of the windows, they found that there was an inner tinted glass insert that had shattered over years of repeated opening and closing. Without that tinted insert, the panel was noticeably lighter than the rest of the window. After a few trials, they successfully matched the coloration and the panel has been restored to its original condition.
Here you can see the new frame and protective Laxan being installed. Notice the ventilators near the edge.
All photos courtesy John Gottschall