The Second Reformed Church of Hackensack
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Current Consistory and Committee Chairs


The 2017 - 2018 Consistory and Committees

Shirine Hickey
Kathy McCarthy
 Leslie Malanga
Carol Miller
Nancy Younger
Jeff Ostroth
Jo-Ann Snyder
 Marcia Battles
Julie Karol
Kathy McKnight
Lew Willey
Ken Crusis
Michelle Hickey
Charlotte Panny
Dewey Walsh


     Executive Committee

President -  Rev. Roland Ratmeyer
Vice President - Carol Miller
Clerk of the Elders - Jeff Ostroth
Clerk of the Consistory - Ken Crusius
Chairman of the Deacons - Kathy McKnight
Elder at Large - Jo-Ann Snyder
Deacon at Large - Marcia Battles
Treasurer - Phyllis Hall
Administrator - Walter Troike

Committee Chairs

Education:  Michelle Hickey
Fellowship: Nancy Younger
Missions: Lew Willey, Charlotte Panny
Property: Carol Miller
Stewardship: Ken Crusius
Worship: Shirine Hickey, Jeff Ostroth, co-chairs